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Haliburton is a community in Haliburton County a.k.a. the “Haliburton Highlands” located in Central Ontario. The town acts as a hub for the many cottagers and outlying communities in the region. Most of the activity in the town occurs during the summer. The population is approximately 6000 people year-round and increases in the summer.

The village sits on Head Lake (a different Head Lake than the Head Lake we have listed here on our website). The area is well known for its outdoor activities both on and off the water. The southern portion of Algonquin Park is also at the northern end of the county. The area also has a rich cultural landscape with much to offer for patrons of the arts including galleries, festivals, museums, and much more.

Haliburton is approximately 2 and a half hours from Toronto by car.

The Haliburton area has a tourism website, you can find more information about the area here.