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Bobcaygeon is a town in the City of Kawartha Lakes in South-Central Ontario. Also known as “The hub of the Kawarthas” it is located on the Trent-Severn Waterway the town contains several narrows and a lift-lock (the first lock constructed along the Trent-Severn) which connects it to Sturgeon Lake to the West and Pigeon Lake to the East. ┬áThe town initially built up around its sawmill and lumber industry and was eventually incorporated into a village in 1876.

In modern times, the town’s main industry is tourism, mainly related to fishing and travel along the Trent-Severn. It serves as a hub for many smaller communities spread throughout the region. The town holds a population of approx. 3500 people and contains a public school and a vibrant downtown.

Bobcaygeon is approximately 2 hours from Toronto by car.

The town also has a Chamber of Commerce, its website has further information about the town and its goings-on which can be found here.